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Our Services Page

Ocean Tours carries out the following activities and services:
We -

* Arrange Visas and visa extensions
* Book internal airline tickets and surface transfers between locations
* Make accommodation reservations
* Organise authoritative guides for historic sites
* Book tickets for tourist activities
* Organise permits to visit restricted areas, such as the ancient city of Ghat
* Register passports with the jawazzat (passport authorities)

Visa Services
Libya has strict visa requirements, so intending visitors should contact Ocean Tours as early as possible so we can undertake the necessary procedures to secure your visa. Travellers have found it easier to go through companies like Ocean Tours, rather than apply through the Libyan People's Bureaus in their respective countries. At the time of writing, the Libyan government discourages independent travel and prefers you to travel with a local guide. Ocean Tours can also organise visa extensions for visitors who would like to keep exploring!

Q: How long will it take to obtain visa approval?
A: Normally it takes around 10 working days (minimum), so you have to plan your visit to Libya at least 2 weeks ahead.

Q: How do I obtain my visa?
A: You don't need to apply at the Libyan embassy for the entry visa. All you have to do is email a clear JPEG scan of your passport to info@almuheettours.net. We will then send you the approval from the Libyan immigration department 2 days before your scheduled departure. Please carry these papers with your tickets as you may need to present them to airline staff or immigration officials.

Q: Who will give me my visa stamps?
A: On arrival at the Libyan airport/border, the visa stamp will be issued by the Libyan passport office at 'immigration'.

Q: Who will assist me at the Libyan airports/borders?
A: An Ocean Tours representative will meet you and assist you with all passport procedures, then transfer you to your hotel (selected and booked in advance).

Q: Do I need to register with the local passport authorities when I arrive in Libya?
A: Yes, but Ocean Tours will do this for you and the fee will be included in the price of your tour.

Libyan Visa Example:

Download Libyan Visa and Libyan Visa Translation.

The Last Word on Independent Travel
There's a lot of confusion about independent travel in Libya, due to the many changes in visa regulations since 2002.

At present, the Libyan government does not permit entry into Libya by air, road or sea unless you have a pre-approved visa. These are easiest to obtain through a Libyan travel agent. It's very rare to be granted a Libyan visa by applying in the People's Bureau in your home country; generally you need to prove that you are on an organised tour.

'Organised tour' doesn't mean that you will be shepherded around Libya's sites in a group by an interfering guide. Ocean Tours' itineraries are customised to include the sort of sites you want to see and we hope to give you as much freedom as possible.
At this time, the Libyan government does not allow visitors to travel outside the main cities (Tripoli, Benghazi) without a guide, and certain areas, such as Ghat's Old Town, cannot be visited without a certified guide and a permit.

Please understand that these regulations are not created by the tourism industry: they originate with the government.

2008 Update to Visa Information
To obtain a visa to visit Libya, the authorities now require an Arabic translation of your passport. A good way of arranging this is by contacting the Libyan People's Bureau in your country. To locate them, just Google the words "Libyan people's bureau" (including the “quotation marks”) and the name of your country.

When you have your passport translation, please email or fax it to us at Al Muheet / Ocean Tours. You must also include a scan of your passport’s ID pages, and details of your occupation and place of work. We will then handle your permissions from the Libyan side. Alternatively, after you book with us, we can supply you with a letter for your local Libyan bureau to show that you are visiting Libya for tourism, but it will be much less hassle for you to allow us to assist you by obtaining your visa for you from within Libya. For information about why, see our section on "Independent Travel".

Once the Libyan passport office approves your visa, we will email you the approval from the Libyan immigration department 2 days before your scheduled departure. Please carry these papers with your tickets as you will need to present them to airline staff or immigration officials. We will also notify your airline that your Libyan visa is approved, or else they won’t let you onto the plane to fly into the country. Yes - they really do stop you at your point of departure!

Our representative will meet and assist our clients on their arrival and departure. We will give you his mobile phone number prior to your arrival.
If you have a mobile phone on 'international roaming', please let us know the number so it is easier for us to locate you at the airport when you arrive.

Entering by land border in your own car / crossing Libya by car en route elsewhere
Visitors who would like to use their own cars or motorbikes will need to pay fees for the Libyan number plate and insurance details, so in your case we need the following information about your vehicle: type, make, size, colour, and number plate. This is so we can prepare the documents for you.

Your fees are paid at the border upon arrival. Fees can be up to $120USD, which should be paid in Libyan Dinars (so you will need to have some ready for when you arrive). Border officials will issue evidence of payment for you to keep, and our appointed Al Muheet Tours representative who will meet you at the border can help sort all the documents for you. Don't forget to pre-arrange a time to meet our representative, so we can facilitate your border crossing!

How to pay for your tour with us (including your VISAS)
To guarantee your booking, we require a 35% deposit to be transferred to our account in Malta or Libya. We use a Maltese account because until recently, international electronic banking was not available in Libya so we needed an alternative.

Upon receipt of your transfer we will confirm your booking in writing, and send you an invoice and itinerary.

Maltese bank

Bovi, a division of the bank of Valletta PLC.
US Dollar Account number 40013068390
Bank address: 58 Zachary street, Valletta VLT 04 - Malta
Tel: (+ 356) 21249970 fax: (+ 356) 21222132

Libyan Bank

BANK: Bank of Commerce and Development, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
NAME: Almuheet tours
ACCOUNTS: 0014 727019 001 (Libyan dinar transfers)
0014 727019 002 (US Dollar transfers)
0014 727019 003 (Euro transfers)
BRANCH: Bank of Commerce and Development Businessmen Center Agency
SWIFT code: cdbllylt014, Benghazi, Libya.

The tour programs include:

* Transport
* Accommodation
* Camping
* Hotels
* Meals
* Site entry fees
* Entrance fees at museums
* Guides
* Services

The programs do not include:

* Sleeping bags
* Small fees to photograph historic sites
* Laundry
* Telephone calls
* Snacks and drinks in addition to organised meals
* Tips (Tipping is at your discretion as it is not yet customary in Libya)
* Passport registration fees


* Well-equipped four wheel drive vehicles are always available for any itinerary.
* Our guides have good knowledge of Italian, French, German, English and Arabic languages.
* All alcoholic drinks and pork meat are illegal in Libya. Please do not attempt to bring alcohol with you.
* It is the traveller's responsibility for payments concerning excess baggage.

Guide or Representative?
An Al Muheet tours representative will meet and assist you at the airport, and travel with you throughout your stay in Libya. Representatives are there to satisfy Libyan government requirements that you travel with a local aide, and they also help you throughout your stay with bookings, transfers, translation and useful information. Our representatives speak English, are handpicked by us to help you during your stay, and accept affordable rates.

An alternative to a representative is an official tourist guide. Guides speak fluent English and are well-versed in Libyan history, society and culture. They have the same role as a representative, but provide slightly more sophisticated services and information, and are professionally trained. The cost of a guide is higher than that of a representative. You are welcome to choose which is right for you prior to your stay.

Hotel Accommodation in Libya
Accommodation in Libya ranges from very basic 'budget' hostels through mid-range places to huge '5-star' hotels.

* Budget: youth hostels are the best option here, because some budget hotels aren't that comfortable.
Price bracket - 10 to 15 LD
* Mid Range: Libyan 'inside knowledge' can direct you to the best mid-range hotels.
Price bracket - 45 to 65 LD
* Top End: Libya's 5-star hotels are generally the equivalent of 4-star western hotels.
Price bracket - 90 to 120 LD (The Corinthia in Tripoli costs about 400 LD per night).

Handy facts for the traveller, or, 'What to bring':
It's best to bring your spending money to Libya in cash: US Dollars or Euros are the easiest currencies to exchange for Libyan Dinars (http://www.xe.com/ucc/full.shtml). At present there are NO facilities for exchanging travellers' cheques, and credit cards are seldom accepted. However, major banks such as the Bank of Commerce and Development and Al Wahda Bank have branches across the country and will allow you to take a cash advance on your Visa card. Libya is developing an urban ATM network, and Insh'Allah it will eventually be accessible to overseas guests.

Post-sanction Libya now has access to a broad range of the consumer products you're accustomed to. There's no need to bring supplies of personal toiletries etc (unless you want to) because these can be easily and cheaply purchased in Libya's main cities and towns. There's one exception: women's menstrual supplies are not widely available, so ladies may wish to bring their own.

Many Libyan toilets are of the Islamic kind, so you might prefer to carry tissues or toilet paper, which can be bought at any Libyan supermarket or chemist.

Libya's climate varies dramatically depending on the season, location and time of day. While summer is hot (30 degrees-C plus), the nights can be cold, especially in the desert.

Winter near the coast can be freezing and rainy, particularly in the mountains, where snow sometimes falls. Basically, we recommend bringing light yet modest clothing, with a warm jacket and hat thrown in for the evenings.

For camping (rural and desert areas), please bring a 5-degree rated sleeping bag.

Gibli storm, Banghazi

Desert Oasis

Tuareg Tribesman

Umm Al Maa

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